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Today, more than ever, we are called to charity and love one another. At the dawn of the 21st century, our world is becoming more intimately interrelated. Whatver happens in one corner of the world impact us all. While science and technology lift up the spirit of mankind, epidemic diseases, natural diasters, wars as well as human irrational hatred and terrorism threaten to destroy our progress in the past centuries.

China Foundation, Inc., an America based charity organization with a global vision, seeks to enhance the global sense of charity and love through improving healthcare, education, quality of life in the more deprived areas of the world. We believe every child has the right to realize his or her potentials and we strive to provide them the opportunity through our efforts. By initiating and coordinating global and regional programs, we strive to provide health and education services to the needy and the poor.

It has been our privilege to provide our volunteering services to help people improve their lives, we are pleased to summarize our progress and efforts as follows:

  1. Basic Healthcare Infrastructure and Services: Working in conjunction with the World Bank and the Ministry of Health of China, the China Foundation was able to raise matching funds to build 123 Health Centers in the poorest villages in China to provide health services to more than 5 million people. These Health Centers can function well to provide services for generations to come.
  2. Hepatitis B Vaccines for Newborns and Children: In 2000 and 2001, the China Foundation found out from our sources in the White House that President Bill Clinton was establishing the Gobal Alliance of Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI) Program with abundant funds for Hepatitis B vaccines for children in the world. We immediately informed the Ministry of Health of China and Dr. Craig Shapiro, USCDC Representative helped the Chinese Government put together a strong application for a grant from GAVI. Dr. Jane Hu, Chairman of the China Foundation personally contacted Dr. Mark Kane, Representative of the Gates Foundation to the GAVI and urged Dr. Kane to provide a grant to China where hepatitis B prevalence rate is more than 59% and more than 12% of population are carriers. Dr. Kane promised Dr. Hu to do his best to help. China received a grant of $35 millions to provide hepatitis B vaccines to Newborns and children. Dr. Mark Kane signed a strategic agreement with the Chinese Government that after the 5-year grant, China will provide hepatitis B vaccines to all her newborns and children. This program has a most significant impact on the future of China and Chinese people. The China Foundation presented Awards to Drs. Mark Kane and Craig Shapiro for their contributions at the International Medical Forum on Infectious Diseases in May, 2002.
  3. SARS Epidemic: In 2003, at the peak of the SARS epidemic in China and the world, Dr. Jane Hu and Dr. Joe McIlhaney, both are Presidential Advisory Council Members on HIV/AIDS, suggested to President Bush to make a phone call to Chairman Hu to urge Chairman Hu to control the SARS epidemic in China. Chairman Hu took the leadership to make it a national movement to control the SARS epidemic, which was controlled in a few months. This event had great impact on China as well as on the world health and economy.
  4. HIV/AIDS Epidemic: Dr. Jane Hu, Chairman of the China Foundation played a crucial role as an actibve Member on the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS to include Asian countries in Presuident Bush's Global AIDS Initiative to provide funding and technical support to control the HIV/AIDS in Asia. On January 8, 2006, Dr. Hu wrote a letter to Chairman Hu and urged him to control the HIV/AIDS epidemic as Chairman Hu controlled the SARS epidemic. Her letter was delivered to Chairman Hu through the US Embassy. Dr. McIlhaney and other US leaders are also urging President Bush to encourage and support Chairman Hu to control the HIV/AIDS epidemic in China.
  5. The China Foundation has been building elementary schools and boarding school for orphans and AIDS orphans whose parents died of AIDS in severe HIV/AIDS epidemic Province. The Officers and Board Members of the China Foundation donated most of the funds needed to build 30 schools already planned and designed in the most remote and under-developed regions of China.

Sincerely Yours,
Jane H. Hu, Ph. D.
Chairman, China Foundation, Inc.