Board of Advisors

Yuanli Liu, M. D., Ph. D. - Senior Advisor on Public Health
Yuanli Liu
Dr. Yuanli Liu is the Assistant Professor of International Health at the Department of Population and International Health of Harvard School of Public Health. Currently, Dr. Liu is leading a panel of international experts to help design, implement and evaluate pilot medical assistance programs for the urban poor in China. From 1994 to 2000, he co-led a 7-year research/intervention study of provision and financing of health care in China's poor rural areas. Dr. Liu served as a coordinator of the Global Health Equity Initiative and he is currently a Member of the Coordinating Committee of the Global Health Equity Gauge Alliance and a Member of the UN Millennium Development Task Force on HIV/AIDS, Malaria, TB and access to Basic Medicines.
Ray Yip, M.D. MPH - Senior Advisor on HIV/AIDS
Ray Yip
Dr. Ray Yip is Country Director of USCDC/China and Senior Advisor to UNICEF/China. Dr. Yip jointed USCDC in 1984 and has been assigned in China since 1998 in assisting China's Ministry of Health and China CDC in program operation related to heath system reform, maternal and child health, nutrition, and prevention of HIV/AIDS. Dr. Yip has been involved in treating, assessing, and preventing AIDS since 1983. Starting 2000, Dr. Yip became actively engaged in the AIDS response effort in China as the program manager of UNICEF. As the USCDC/China director, his office's focus is on rapid build up of surveillance system, and prevention of second generation transmission of HIV through improved testing and adequate follow-up and treatment for those who are HIV positive.

Dr. Yip is a graduate of the Medical School and School of Public Health of the University of Minnesota. He is certified in Pediatrics, and Pediatric Hematology and Oncology. He current holds an appointment of Adjunct Professor of International Health at Tulane University.

Ram Yogev, M.D. - Senior Advisor on HIV/AIDS
Dr. Ram Yogev, a Professor of Pediatrics at Northwestern University Medical School, is the Associate Head of the Division of Infectious Diseases, and the Director of the Section of Pediatric, Adolescents, and Maternal HIV Infection at Chicago Children's Memorial Hospital. Dr. Yogev is a medical expert in pediatric infectious diseases including HIV/AIDS. He is a member of the US Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS and the current chair of the Primary Therapy Research Committee of the NIH Pediatric AIDS Clinical Trial Group (PACTG). Dr. Yogev is China Foundation's Senior Advisor on HIV/AIDS.
Edward Green, Ph.D. - Senior Advisor
Dr. Green, Senior Research Scientist at Harvard Center for Population and Development Studies, is an applied, medical anthropologist with 30 years of experience in over 30 developing countries in project design, implementation and evaluation, operations research, social marketing, behavior change & communication, health education, and indigenous, non-Western medicine. Dr. Green has sectoral experience including programs for treating AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases, family planning, primary health care, maternal & child health, children affected by war, child nutrition, water and sanitation, environmental health, U.S. minority health, biodiversity and conservation, and cancer programs. Dr. Green is a specialist in integrating indigenous and "modern" health systems. He served as a team leader on numerous USAID project designs and evaluations. He is author of five books, editor of one book, author of over 350 peer-reviewed journal articles or book chapters, conference papers, or commissioned technical reports.
Mark O.M. Tso, M.D., D. Sc. - Advisor

Dr. Mark O. M. Tso is a Professor of Ophthalmology and Pathology in the Wilmer Eye Institute of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Dr. Tso received many well-known Awards for his research in vision and ophthalmology. He currently holds the XI Chair of the Academia Ophthalmologica Internationalis, Honorary Treasurer and Councilor of the Asia Pacific Academy of Ophthalmology, Honorary Director of the Peking University Eye Center and Vice President of the International Council of Ophthalmology.
Bing Chen, Ph.D. - Advisor

Professor Yung-Ping (Bing) Chen, Frank J. Manning Eminent Scholar's Chair Professor of Gerontology at the University of Massachusetts Boston, specializes in economic issues in aging populations with special interest in funding of social security and long-term care. Professor Chen is a frequent contributor to scholarly journals and Congressional hearings. His research covers five interrelated areas in old-age economic security: Social Security financing, home equity conversion, private pensions, financing long-term care, and older-worker employment policy. Professor Chen serves on the board of directors of the National Council on the Aging. Either as a delegate or consultant or both, Chen participated in the 1971, 1981, and 1995 White House Conferences on Aging and the 1998 White House Conference on Social Security. He was also on the panel of actuaries and economists for the 1979 Advisory Council on Social Security.