Bing Yao, Ph.D. - Adviser
Dr. Bing Yao was Professor at Purdue University and the University of Maryland. He was active in database systems research and published widely for over 20 years. Dr. Yao founded XDB Systems to develop and market client/server database systems and tools. He also founded Jinfonet Software in 1998 to develop and market JReport for web-based information delivery and analysis. Dr. & Mrs. Yao have been making major continuous contributions to build libraries and schools in rural China.
Hon. Jill Kent, J. D. - Secretary, Vice President of Development
The Honorable Jill Kent was Assistant Secretary, US Department of Treasury and Assistant Secretary, US Department of State. She has a strong background in public administration and financial management. She was Vice President in IPAC's Health Services Group and advised health care and related organizations on marketing, management development, financial design and strategic planning.
Mark Solomons, J. D. - Vice President of Health Insurance, Washington DC Representative
Mark Solomons, Esq. is a Principal Shareholder at Greenberg Traurig LLP. He specializes in appellate litigation and litigation before the Supreme Court of the United States. He represented US Insurance Companies and designed health insurance and workers compensation policies. Dr. Solomons also served as Legislative Counsel to the US Department of Labor and a Member of the President's Task Force on Occupational Disease. He is a Master of the Prettyman-Leventhal American Inn of Court and a Principal of the Council of Excellence in Government.

Mark Solomons (middle with a camera) visiting a traditional Chinese medical clinic in Beijing
James R. Killingsworth, MPH, Ph.D. - Vice President of Communications
James Killingsworth
Dr. Killingsworth is the Managing Director, International Relations, Joint Commission International. Before taking this position in 2005, Dr. Killingsworth was a Senior Country Advisor and Technical Officer for WHO, China for health system development and finance. He has advised China's Ministry of Health, the National Development Reform Commission, and the Ministry of Finance in a wide range of health care subjects. He has served as a Senior Health Advisor with Stanford Research Institute of Menlo Park, California in Saudi Arabia and as Senior associate with Maxwell Stamp PLC of London. He is a Professor of Health Policy and Administration at Texas Woman's University and Visiting Senior Scientist at Brandeis University in the Schneider Institute of International Health. Dr. Killingsworth has more than 25 years of research and teaching experience with health programming in North American and developing countries, ranging from the development and direction of managed care systems, private and public hospital systems, a variety of payment systems through the planning of national health care systems. His most recent work has focused on macro and micro-level health economics for developing countries, specifically those in South and Southeast Asia and China and quality assurance development for China's hospitals.
Rena Hung - Board Member
Rena Hung
Ms Rena Hung has a BA degree from National Taiwan University and a MA degree from University of Pennsylvania, she is the US representative and art director for TTOOPP fine Art Solution (EPSON group). Ms Hung worked as a computer consultant for various corporations, inclouding the Baltimore Sun and Coco Cola Inc., before her early retirement. She is very active in community services, fund-raising for various charities and supporting the Greater Baltimore and Washington area medical related Charities functions. Ms Hung is married to Dr. Robert Dobbin Chow, the newly elected Governor of American College of Physician from Maryland(2010-2015 term).
Haiping Luo, Ph.D. - Vice President of Public Relations
Dr. Haiping Luo is an enterprise architect at US Federal government. She received her M.S. and Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics from the University of Kentucky. In the past few decades, Dr. Luo worked as an economist, a computer specialist, and an enterprise architect for government agencies and private companies. Dr. Luo has publications on agricultural policies, computer application development, and enterprise architecture management. She is in charge of public relations and responsible for designing and managing the web site of the China Foundation.
William C. Conrad, M. D. - Medical Advisor
William Conrad
Conrad practices opthalmology and eye care in private clinics in Colorado and Georgia. He is a Fellow of American College of Surgeons and a Member of several medical honor societies. Dr. Conrad founded a non-profit organization, Gansu, Inc. in 1990 and has been President of Gansu, Inc. since. The mission of Gansu, Inc. is to provide eye care through surgery and teaching for the underserved people of West china and Tibet, specifically, Gansu Province of China.
Richard N. Hirsh, M.D., F. A.C. R. - Vice President for Health Programs

Dr. Hirsh has been a staff radiologist at Summa Health System in Akron since 1973. He has served as Acting Chief of Nuclear Medicine and Division Chief of Diagnostic Radiology. He is an Assistant professor of radiology at Northeastern Ohio University College of Medicine in Rootstown, Ohio. Dr. Hirsh founded Radiology Mammography International, a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing mammography technology, training and public education to developing regions. Dr. Hirsh's projects include China and other countries.

Rene V. Miller - Vice Chairman of Health Programs

Ms. Rene V. Miller, Medical Director for People to People Ambassador Programs, is responsible for sending several hundred delegates to China in various fields of medicine for a bilateral exchange. In the several years Ms. Miller has been Medical Director at People to people, she has worked closely with the leaders of the medical fields in all of the countries which receive people to people delegates.
Julia M. Liu - Vice President for Strategic Planning
Julia Liu
Julia Liu has a Law degree from National Taiwan University and a MS degree from New York State University. She specialized in International Relations. When worked at Lockheed Martin, one of the largest US companies specializing in Defense and System Integration, Julia Liu served as a business strategy manager and international business development manager. She was the key person in Lockheed Martin's China State Owned Enterprise(SOE) initiative. Julia has always been very active in community work. She founded the Mid-Hudson Community Group in upper New York to help improving the state education system. She also established the Citizen's Group to help minorities and new immigrants. She is the Vice Chairman of China Society.
Chien-yun Yuan Wu, RN, Ph.D. - Nursing Education Director
Dr. Wu has been an Associate Professor at the College of Nursing and Health Science, George Mason University since 1989. Dr. Wu was a Nursing Consultant for the World Health Organization and United Nation Development Program for Chinese Nursing educational and clinical reform from 1990 to 1997. In the past 10 years, she designed and implemented many workshops for nursing leaders in China to promote nursing reform.
Richard L. Bucko, Ph.D. - Elementary Education Advisor
Dr. Richard L. Bucko was a school administrator in New Jersey for many years. He has a Doctor of Education degree in Sociology of Education from the Rutgers University and a Master of Arts Degree in Social Science, Northern Arizona University.

He has served as Chief School Administrator, Director of Elementary Education and Principal. He has experienced in elementary curriculum, budget and personnel as well as the establishment of preschool projects, school-based management, and instruction. As principal, one of his schools was recognition as a National School of Excellence (Blue Ribbon School) by the U.S. Department of Education.

Dr. Bucko also has experiences serving as Director of Community Education to provide adult education to the community, designing and supervising programs of community outreach to meet the needs of the community. He currently serves as an educational consultant.

Hsieh Fan Hsu - Elementary Education Committee
Mrs. Hsieh Fan Hsu graduated with a Bachelor's Degree of Arts from the Chinese Culture University in Taipei, Taiwan in 1967. She is very active in community and charitable organizations in the Greater Washington, DC areas. She served on the Board of the Chinese Women's Association in Washington, the Organization of Chinese Americans and the BEINU Alumni Association. Mrs. Hsu is Chairman of Hsieh Fan Care Fund, a private charitable fund established by Mrs. Hsu for her charitable contributions.
Xiang Qian Dai, M. D. - Chief Representative, Beijing Office
In 1988, Dr. Dai was appointed as Deputy Chief at the Ministry of Health of China, where he served until 1992 when he was appointed General Manager of Beijing Union Medical and Pharmaceutical Development Company of the Union Medical-Pharmaceutical Group of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences (1992-97). He served as Deputy Chief of UK Unigreg Ltd. Beijing Representative Office since 1997. Currently he is Medical Director and Manager of several Modern Clinics in China.
Xiaolin Shi - Chief Representative of the Northwest Region of China
After teaching and performing administrative duties in local schools, Mr. Shi was appointed President of Gansu Broadcast Television University in Piangliang City. He is a well-known educator and respected administrator. He has excellent working relationship with other educators and local governmental officials in the areas of education and health care in the Northwest region of China. He is currenly Supervisor of Education in Pingliang City, Gansu Province in China.
Herbert J. Barker, Ed.D. - Vice President, China Branch
Herbert J. Barker
Dr. Herbert Barker received his Ed.D from the University of San Diego. He is an Episcopalian Priest of the San Diego diocese. Dr. Barker has provided spiritual leadership for over 30 years as a US military chaplain, as pastor to the Congregation of the Good Shepherd in Beijing, as Vicar to the Anglican Cathedral in Seoul, Korea and as preacher to congregations and missions in the US and overseas. As Collegiate Associate Professor of the University of Maryland, University Collage, he taught college courses on religion, philosophy, psychology, business management, and English as Second Language.