Education Programs

The China Foundation's Education Programs currently focus on building and renovating elementary schools in the remote rural areas of the Northwest Region. Mr. Xiaoling Shi, Supervisor of Education of Pingliang City, Gansu Province, is the China Foundation Representative in the Northwest Region of China. This Region includes Gansu, Ningxia, Qinhai, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, and Tibet. Most people living in these rural areas belong to the Chinese minority races. Although the Northwest Region of China is the poorest and most underdeveloped area of China, it has rich natural resources such as oil and coal and has great potential for economic and social development. Implementing educational initiatives to build schools and to provide scholarships and educational materials will be the best investment to help local development and economic growth. Mr. Shi has planned and supervised many school projects in Gansu and Ningxia. The China Foundation and the local governments jointly supported these projects of building new schools for mostly minority children. The China Foundation's Education Committee is actively seeking funds to support more educational initiatives.

The China Foundation thanks the following donors for contributing to the Education Program: Dr. Jane H. Hu; Dr. Bing Yao and Mrs Lien Yao; Freshfields Law Firm in Beijing; The World Bank; Mr. & Mrs.Dong Zhou & Ms. Connie Liao; Mark Solomons, Esq. & Jill Kent, JD; Seth Wu, Esq. and Elsie Wu; Drs. Catherine & Eric Chen; Dr. Teresa Lee Liu; Ms. Julia M. Liu; Mrs. Shih Fan Hsu and Cindy Chan. Dr. and Mrs. Bing Yao of the China Foundation have been fulfilling their very generous promise to donate more than one school per year since 2003. Generous contributions from Mr. Chong ZhaoTang enabled renovating 5 schools in 2006.

The Foundation's efforts have achieved significant results. Below is a summary of the school built/renovated since 1999.
Year Province, County # of Students Ethnic Group Square Meters
1999 NingXia, Jing Yuan 157 Muslim 252
2000 GanSu, PingLiang 175 Muslim 201
2002 NingXia, XiJi 163 Muslim 206
2002 NingXia, XiJi 251 Muslim 206
2003 Inner Mongolia, Ulate 302 Mongolian/Han 166
2004 GanSu, TongWei 247 Han 402
2005 Qinghai, Gonghe 65 Tibetan 131
2005 Qinghai, XunHua 154 Tibetan 160
2006 ShanXi, WenXi 403 Han 1031
2006 Qinghai, Gonghe 210 Tibetan 100
2006 GanSu, WeiYuan 278 Han 222
2006 GanSu, PingLiang 153 Han 252
2006 NingXia, LongDe 624 Muslim 200
2007 ShanXi, LingFeng 13 children with HIV/AIDS Han 125
2007 NingXia, PengYang 224 Muslim 240
2007 GanSu, HuiNing 282 Muslim/Han 225
2007 GanSu, JingNing 160 Muslim/Han 188
2010 Gansu, HuiNing 157 Muslim/Han 185
2010 Anhui, He County 3,400 Han 2,400
2011 Gansu, Li County 157 Muslim/Han 325
2012 Gansu, Long County 60 kindergarden children Muslim/Han 252
2012 NingXia, LongDe 120 Muslim 280
Hundreds of children in this remote under-served area can come to this renovated safe campus to receive education. The Wei-Fan & Shih-Ching Hu Elemantary School was donated by Dr. Jane Hu in memory of her parents, Wei-Fan and Shih-Ching Hu.
Library and garden in construction
The Xian Yang Elementary School library and garden under construction.

Smiling 4th graders in their new classroom
These smiling children are enjoying their new 4th grade classroom complete with new desks and new chairs at the Xian Yang Elementary School.
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